2019 Accomplishments

  • Creation of Fire Department

With the dissolution of a shared department with Grand Blanc Township came the brave new world of our own City of Grand Blanc Fire Department! Hard work was necessary to get our new FD to tip top condition and everyone was proud to see all the effort pay off when our new department took over responsibility for the 117 High Street Fire Hall on July 25th, 2019.

  • Salt Barn

Lacking the proper storage space to contain the amount of road salt necessary to maintain our roads in the winter meant it was time to build a dedicated salt barn! With increased storage capacity for the salt in this new barn came space in the pole barn where the salt was previously held, allowing the DPW additional storage room for their tools of the trade.

  • Iron Belle Pathway Extension

Thanks to grant funding from the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the City of Grand Blanc section of the Iron Belle Trail has been achieved, complete with trail signs, bicycle markings on the pavement, and three fixit stations! The trail enters the city on the west end at Reid Road and continues through Old Bridge Road, Hazel Avenue, Grant Street, Terrace Drive, and exits our city on Perry Road.

  • Water Chlorinator System

Caring for our city water is some hard work, but with the addition of a new water chlorinator system, our DPW was able to improve reliability and reduce maintenance, allowing them more time to focus on other parts of the job.

  • Sewer Brainard and Walker drainage

To help alleviate the flooding of property in the location of Brainard and Walker, the DPW ensured that new piping was installed and grading improvements implemented. Thanks to these efforts, the drainage in the area is keeping everything above ground in the best condition possible!

  • Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer GIS assessment

Thanks to funding provided through the State of Michigan SAW Grant, the GIS division this assessment was able to be completed! The assessment provided detailed electronic mapping and condition assessment of sanitary and storm sewer piping and manholes. With this information in hand, the DPW has a working idea of how the whole sewer system is doing and may continue to maintain it with maximum care and efficiency.