2020 Accomplishments

  • Purchase of Fire Vehicle Pumper

Did you know that fire engines are also called pumpers? These are the vehicles used to carry hose and pump water out of an on-board water tank! Have peace of mind knowing our fire department has a wonderful new engine to keep our fair city safe from fires.

MI Grand Blanc City E1ds

  • Plow/Salt Truck

Say no more to snowed in blues, our new and improved plow/salt truck is here! Our DPW is now able to plow and salt our roads with even more efficiency.

  • Ice Rink/Splash Pad Construction

With COVID-19 causing mandated closures to so many places to spend quality time with loved ones, the completion of the ice rink at Physician’s Park could not have come at a better time for everyone! The outdoor rink offers a place to safely social distance while also enjoying a fun and free activity with friends or family. What’s more, it transforms into a splash pad in the summer months!
GB Bobcats on Rink 2019

  • Three (3) Police Vehicles

Rotating vehicles is a cost effective and necessary action for the Police Department, given how pivotal vehicles are for patrolling our city streets. By rotating out older vehicles, the department ensures their vehicles won’t unavoidably need maintenance all at the same time, guaranteeing they always have the ability to move at a moment’s notice.  The department's new truck in particular has been assigned to a member of the force who is also one of the city's volunteer firefighters, allowing the truck to be used with maximum efficiency for both police and fire rapid response.
PXL_20210121_133544970.MP (2)

  • One (1) DPW Vehicle

The addition of a vehicle to the DPW fleet has made it that much easier for members of the crew to make the rounds and manage all the needs of our city, from water to roadways to maintenance. DPW vehicles are easily identifiable pickup trucks. They are always yellow in color and bear the DPW logo on their sides.

  • Fire Chief’s Vehicle

In an emergency, every second counts, and with a dedicated vehicle, our Fire Chief is able to respond to any emergency at the drop of a hat, regardless of his location. With rapid response gear stowed inside, the Chief is able to go directly to the scene and provide immediate assistance.
MI Grand Blanc City C1 - Copy

  • Completion of Chalet Village Project

Located at 131 E Grand Blanc Road, the Grand Chalet Shoppes has offered small businesses who aren’t ready to open a full-scale brick and mortar store a safe place to start growing their business! These wonderful shops allow outdoor shopping of local crafts and products in the warmer months.

  • Tablet Project for Building Department – COVID Project

The Building Department inspectors are responsible for going out to commercial and residential locations to ensure all permitted contractor work is up to code. This is in order to protect public health, safety, and general welfare. The new tablets now allow the inspectors to make their inspection reports on the go and stay in contact with our office while maintaining a “work from home” capacity in these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Street Light Conversion to LEDs

All city owned street lights are being converted to LEDs from fluorescent lights. LEDs last considerably longer, use less energy, have less of an environmental impact, and they save money. A win all around!

  • Fire Rescue Squad and Custom Fire Apparatus

The fire squad is the operations vehicle that holds all the necessary equipment for a fire scene. Not to be confused with a fire truck, which has the fixed hydraulic ladder on top, a squad contains equipment and tools inside, from jaws-of-life, rescue gear, to clean up equipment. The squad is truly an indispensable part of fire operations.
MI Grand Blanc City Sq3ds

  • Fire Turnout Gear, Vehicle Equipment & Pagers

Turnout gear is exactly what everyone pictures when they think ‘firefighter’. These heavy duty pants, coats, boots, and helmets protect the firefighters from heat, flames, and scraps while they do what they do best. With the addition of vehicle equipment and pagers, our firefighters are prepared and stand ready together!
Turnout Gear & Pagers

  • Water Pump Repair Well 7

Arguably the most precious resource there is, water in the city is maintained by the DPW within our own city wells. Keeping everything in our water system repaired and up-to-date is a key part of making certain that all who reside in the city receive clean and refreshing water.

  • Terrace Drive and Grant Street Watermain

The original watermain at this location was from the 1950s and was determined to need replacement with an all new watermain and service connections. Completing this has made improvements to reliability, efficiency, and fire flow.

  • Reid Road Mast Arm

A mast arm is what traffic signals are attached to and allows them to hang over intersections. The mast arm and signal replacement at Reid Road has been set in a "box span" arrangement to improve motorist safety by providing better sight lines for drivers to see the signals. Additionally, the mast arms were an aesthetic improvement and in line with a City initiative to have all intersections updated to box span/mast arm arrangements.
PXL_20210120_211110542.MP - Copy