20210519_153433archesPXL_20210323_202715985.MPCenter Road Garden 1
The Center Road Micropark sits on the corner of Center Road and South Saginaw Street, just past the viaduct and welcome arches when traveling southbound on Saginaw. In the spring and summer, this micropark is abundantly covered with flowers and plant life maintained by Touch The Earth Garden Club. Also located here is a proudly displayed 5' x 8' American flag, waving welcome to all who pass by.

20210628_163540Clock Closeup
The Clock Garden Micropark is located along South Saginaw Street, next to Aubree's and the Grand Blanc Center plaza parking lot. This micropark houses our beautiful city clock that commemorates when the City of Grand Blanc was officially incorporated as a city in 1930. Additionally, this pocket park also has some benches to relax, smell the spring flowers, and listen to the water trickling down our stone water fountain.