Miscellaneous Cautions

Please read this important message concerning Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

It has come to our attention that City residents have been receiving a "NOTICE" and offer to purchase insurance for water service line repairs.  Please be  aware that this company is NOT endorsed by the City of Grand Blanc.  Residents should be aware that, although they are responsible for the water line from the house to the water main, the need for repairs on these copper lines is very rare. 

If you have further questions, please call DPW Director Matt Wurtz at (810) 694-5420.

Consumers Energy is advising residents to be aware of scams involving people calling and pretending to be Consumers Energy employees in order to collect payments. Typically the scammer will require that you make the payment with a pre-paid credit card within a short period of time. Consumers Energy will NEVER ask for payment of this type. They are advising residents to not discuss personal or account information, or make phone payments, with anyone you do not know.

If you are not sure the call is from Consumers Energy, hang up and dial the Consumers Energy number - (800) 477-5050.